Present in all operational stages

We specialise in asset recovery from legal action and/or early termination of individual financial agreements.

Working with qualified technical and business experts we deal in all of the operational stages: from the disassembly of machinery and equipment, to the supervised storage through to refitting and remarketing and on to the sale of goods in the most profitable way possible.

We have always worked according to the principles of good time, transparency and equal treatment, to safeguard all subjects involved.

We can count on 3 operational headquarters and over 2700 sq m of warehouse space to hold machinery or whole systems.

Management of negotiations

Management of sales negotiations to third parties

Marketing operations

To relocate the asset being held, including through web channels

System disassembly

Disassembly, collection, storage, refitting and reassembly of machinery and system

Asset storage

Storage only and/or available for sale

Collection of assets

Collection of assets with recovery of debt

Asset sourcing

Asset sourcing activities

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